2016 Submissions

Main Title Video Game Loop
Through the Trees of Destiny Video Game Loop
{WIP}Game Over Theme No. 5{WIP} Miscellaneous Loop
{WIP}Down in the Monastery{WIP} Classical Song
Claire's Lullaby ~ Remastered Solo Instrument Loop
Dreamer Video Game Loop
Fighting For That Which Is Treasured Cinematic Song
Dashwood's Daring Delves - Level Theme Video Game Loop
Dashwood's Daring Delves - Main Menu Video Game Loop
Dashwood's Daring Delves - Dungeon Complete Video Game Song
Dark Descent Heavy Metal Loop
Through the Dark Forest Classical Song
Game Over No. 3 Classical Song
Spring Stream Classical Song
Reflective Dungeon Theme Classical Song
Dream Grove Classical Loop
Press Start ~Before Adventure~ Classical Loop
Home of the Lost People Classical Song
Game Over No. 2 Classical Song
Game Over Classical Song
Pure White (Title Theme) Classical Loop
Ice Cavern (Zelda OoT) Classical Song
Ogre Battle - Schlieren Classical Song
Ogre Battle - Coma Classical Song
Ogre Battle - Fortune Teller Classical Song
A Cool Spot Classical Loop
A Certain Sadness Solo Instrument Loop
Main Menu Theme II World Loop
Black Shadow Cinematic Song
Level Up! Jingle Classical Song
Rest & Save Jingle Classical Song
Scheming Cinematic Song
The Jungle Miscellaneous Loop
Fireworks, Friends, and Beer! Miscellaneous Song
The Evening Song Classical Song
The Morning Song Classical Song
Departure of A Soul Cinematic Song
Main Menu Theme I Classical Loop
The Journey Ends Video Game Song
Mysterious Temple Video Game Song
Intense Heat Video Game Song
Desert Tomb Video Game Song
Beware of Danger Video Game Song
Spirits Abound Video Game Song
Green Sanctuary Video Game Song
The Journey Begins! Video Game Song
Cool Breeze Miscellaneous Song
A Walk Through The Garden Classical Song
Streets of Poverty and Death Classical Song
Happy Christmas Classical Song
Around The Town Classical Song
The Journey Home Cinematic Song