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Hah I must admit that this is pretty good! :)

I really liked this!! It was quite entertaining and amusing.

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This is a brilliant game! I love everything about it! Especially the creepy atmosphere!

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Nicely done! And congrats on not using the MIDI! It's fun and challenging to do things the hard way sometimes!

I'd agree that this is a dungeon theme. The marimba gives it sort of a jungle vibe, so maybe some type of jungle or temple dungeon? I dunno. The bassoon and male choir also reinforces the dungeon vibe.

The drum set seems a little out of place to me for some reason. So does the clean electric guitar. But that's just me. I would have used some orchestral and ethnic percussion in place of drums and a woodwind (perhaps some sort of ethnic flute or maybe a normal flute... or oboe) for the melody. But again, that's just me. Despite saying that, what you have works fine especially considering the title of the composition! Thinking about it further with the title in mind, I may have used drums for the percussion, too. xD

Like you, I also sometimes start out with a particular theme and mind and end up getting something totally different. The muse has a mind of her own and always gets what she wants and it isn't always the thing we want it to be xD Does the mean we lack control? Maybe so xD

Anyway, nice work!

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EnviousBass responds:

Yeah, gotta say, "temple dungeon" sounds like something this could work on. If a little adapted, that is. I concede, the electric guitar does seem a little out of place but that's mainly because there are no other synth instruments used in this song. I agree that maybe I should try out some ethnic instruments to match the marimba. However, personally, I am quite happy with what I came up with and its form.
Anyway, thanks for your detailed review. :)

Awesome remix! It stands out as its own song. :)

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foxypanda69 responds:

Thank you my good chum :3

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This is VERY well done! :)

Nicely done. Yours looks much better than RPGMaker's stock asset :).

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Robotao responds:

Thanks! I thought I would take a crack at tiling, and it turned out pretty well. And I mean, I think a games cooler if you put the hard work in yourself, instead of using the stock assets. More like it on the way!

Such beauty!

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